Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm more comfortable in Hindi, than in Tamil or Telugu: Prithviraj

For his upcoming film, the actor has been taking lessons from a Hindi coach, who’s teaching him how the language is spoken in Delhi.
Aiyyaa was South actor Prithviraj's foray into Bollywood. Though he had very few Hindi dialogues in the film, the actor said that he is quite comfortable in the language.

However, for his upcoming film, the actor has been taking lessons from a Hindi coach, who's teaching him how the language is spoken in Delhi.

It is usually believed that South actors are not so fluent in Hindi. However, Prithviraj said, "I'm, in fact, more comfortable in Hindi, than in Tamil or Telugu."

However, his Hindi dialogues in his upcoming film have an accent that is more prevalent in Delhi.

A source said, "Prithvi's language tutor taught him the attitude and the accent with which Dilliwalas speak Hindi. The actor spent a month in Mumbai practising his language skills." 

Old is gold for Prithviraj!

Actor Prithviraj made his debut in Bollywood playing eye-candy in Aiyya, but the South star seems to have no qualms in going from being a hunk onscreen to essaying the role of a 77-year-old filmmaker in his new film.

The actor, who has recently completed a long schedule of his second Bollywood film Aurangzeb here is juggling his Bollywood fare with his films in the South. Post Aurangzeb, the actor is back to shooting for his new film there which is said to be based on the life of Malayalam cinema’s first filmmaker JC Daniel.

A source informs that set in 1920 and directed by veteran filmmaker Kamal, the Malayalam film Celluloid traces the journey of JC Daniel. “For this, Prithviraj, who is playing the lead, will be seen sporting different looks as he essays the late filmmaker’s journey from a 25-year old to a 77-year old. It’s the first time that Prithvi’s playing such an old man on screen and expects the film to be a milestone in his career,” says the source, adding that it took hours of make-up for the 30-year-old star to look the part. “But he patiently sat through it all and did not once complain about the tiring make-up sessions. It was very gruelling as getting ready actually took more time than the time it required to shoot the scene,” adds an insider.

The actor himself shares that despite his image in Bollywood, he is not afraid to take on roles like these, be it here or down South. “I am ready to experiment with every film and I prefer taking risks than being typecast,” he’d said. As for the balancing act between here and his films down South, he adds, “I am never going to bid adieu to Malayalam cinema even if I shift base to Mumbai.”

Prithviraj refutes reports

Prithviraj has refuted reports appeared in a section of the media, which claimed that he was shifting his home to Mumbai, and would concentrate on Hindi films alone.

"It is true that I spent more months in Mumbai this year. So I did not want to stay in hotel for such a long time and wanted a place which I could call a home," says Prithviraj.

The 'Mozhi' and 'Parijatham' actor adds: "It (his shifting home to Mumbai) doesn't mean that I would not act in southern films. All that I want to do is good cinema."

He further says he would sure do movies in Malayalam and Tamil provided he gets interesting roles.

I would love to do a film with Amitabh Bachchan: Prithviraj

Ever since the release of Prithviraj's Ayaalum Njanum Thammil, there have been rumours that the flick is heading to Bollywood with Amitabh Bachchan playing the doctor's character essayed by Prathap Pothen in the original.

However, Prithviraj denies any such developments. The actor tell us, "I know there's a lot of buzz that I'm going to remake the film with Amitabh Bachchan, but there's no truth in that."
He says that the rumour must've stemmed from an innocuous question, during one of his interviews, as to which Malayalam movie he wanted to remake in Hindi. "The name that obviously came to mind was Ayaalum Njanum Thammil, which was one of the recent films I've done and it's got a subject that was universal. I also told them I would love it if Mr Bachchan would play the role of the veteran doctor," he says, adding, "Having said that, I would love to do a film with the Big B in the future."

The actor's next release would be Kamal's Celluloid and he would start filming Mumbai Police in January.

Prithviraj to act with Shah Rukh in Farah’s next film?

Farah Khan's next will apparently have him sharing screen space with SRK and Abhishek Bachchan

It seems Prithviraj could not have asked for a better start to his Bollywood career. A dream debut with an Anurag Kashyap film with Rani Mukerji in Aiyyaa, followed by another big film — Aurangzeb; and now, his biggest project yet in B-Town is here, with the actor reported to have a landed a role in Farah Khan's Happy New Year, alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.

It is learnt that the story revolves around a bunch of friends and how they end up participating in a dance competition, despite none of them knowing how to dance!

While Prithviraj could not be reached, a source close to the actor confirms his casting for the film which will begin filming by April next year. "Yes, the news is true and Prithviraj has been roped in to play a supporting character in the film, alongside Shah Rukh and Abhishek," says our source.

Incidentally, Prithviraj and Abhishek are good friends ever since the two of them acted in the Tamil and Hindi versions respectively of Mani Ratnam's Raavan.

Our source tells us that Prithviraj is currently enjoying a vacation in France with his wife Supriya.

"It's been a busy year for him career-wise, and his hard work is finally paying off. He's been travelling up and down the country with back-to-back Hindi and Malayalam films and has been dying for this break to spend time with his family," says our source, adding that the couple would be spending the New Year in France.

Prithviraj is set to return to India by January 15, after attending the launch of his mother Mallika Sukumaran's restaurant in Doha.