Friday, June 1, 2012

Genelia thrilled about 'Urumi' release in Tamil

The perky actor Genelia who recently got married to long time beau Ritesh, is thrilled about yet another happy event in her life.

And that is the Tamil release of Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi, in which she has played a key role of a princess.

The actor’s performance as a fierce warrior Arackal Ayesha, has been receiving accolades from one and all and has served as an eye opener for many that the peppy actor could do such a mature and role complete with sword fights, combat and action scenes.

The actor is apparently thrilled about it all and has said, “Urumi is the break I had been looking for” The actor had been getting big commercial films where she played the bubbly, child like heroine, putting her in a mould of sorts which she is now happy to break out of and prove her deep rooted talent.

The actor is on the look out for more offers of meaty roles in the future as well.


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