Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Urumi' to go international

After months of shuffling the release dates of the Tamil version of Urumi, titled Uravaal, director Santhosh Sivan has zeroed in a date of release for the period flick to hit Kollywood screens in May.

According to the director, there are plans of a much-hyped international version of this Prithviraj-starrer. "The English flick, titled Vasco Da Gama, is totally different from the Malayalam version in terms of structure and story. We will be retaining only 30% of the scenes from the original," says Santhosh, adding that the extra sequences are already shot.

The flick will be just 110-minute-long, which is 55 minutes short when compared to the Malayalam fictional film which is about a man on his quest to kill Vasco Da Gama. The director had also earlier confirmed that the English version will showcase the brutal side of the Portuguese invader. The English version, however, will be released only in 2015.

The script is being sponsored by a forum of the Hong Kong International Film Festival. "I have a few more projects to attend to before I work on the English version of Urumi," says the director, who was heavily involved in bringing out a tailored version of the flick in Telugu last year, and now in Tamil.

via http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/regional/others/news-interviews/Urumi-to-go-international/articleshow/12797031.cms

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