Monday, May 21, 2012

Manjadikuru Malayalam Movie Review

Manjadikuru has the beauty of innocence, simplicity, and the honesty of a film making. At the end who ever watched or going to watch this gem can relate and feel the life the little red seeds are offering!! Manjadikuru can be termed as a very unique movie that we will get to see in Malayalam films. Definitely stand out in the crowd.

The film belongs to Anjali Menon, the way she will unfold and take the audience a part of this movie, should be appreciated. Before terming this as an award movie, I can guarantee that, except in some of the scenes of second half this movie never disappoint or make the audience loose from the proceedings. Film script is tightly written and all the complex scenes and emotions are projected in very simple way.

The film talk about the friendship of Vicky, his two brothers named manikutty, Kannan and a servent Roja in a 16 days long funeral.Film is concentrating on the innocence of the young boy, but the same time trying to convey the disappointment and the loneliness that the servant girl faces.

Each frame is shot refreshingly by Pietro Zuercher with the lust and the beauty of the village, in the same time conveying the mood of the characters. The BGM suits the mood and it is from Francois Gamaury.Art by Rathhesh has added all the life to the story.The songs by Ramesh Narayen added the much needed beauty to the film.

The performance by the child artists are cute, brilliant and innocent, where Vyjeyanthi is leading from the front because each scenes demands her to act maturely than she supposed to do. And the little young boy, Sidharth too done an amazing work, the innocents in the eyes of this little ones are the success of this film.

Prithviraj once again make himself available to a great film, though he is doing an extended cameo, the films center character and the story revolves around him, his narration was one of the highlight of the film. Happy to see younger actors finding time for some good stories. Rest of the actors done their job commandingly, adding the much-needed presence of a big family.

Final Word :

The film has innocence of children, anxiety of grownups , beauty of a village, loose of a city and a very unique friendships. At the end when we leave the theater with a little tears, we think about our childhood, happiness, disappointments and little lies and fights we missing now!! Thanking this young film maker for gifting us or taking us to our childhood life!!

Rating : 4 / 5


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