Friday, February 17, 2012

Prithviraj's Childhood Dream

Prithviraj's dream was to work in a garage; today he makes up for it by owning some of the best cars in the market

When Prithviraj was in school, he and two of his friends, Arjun and Govind, used to dream about working in an automobile garage when they grew up. "We used to be passionate about cars, and discuss endlessly about them. It was like our life's ambition to work with something related to cars." But it turned out that only one of the trio realised the dream. "Only Govind got lucky. He runs a high end garage in Dubai where they cater to luxury cars, even Lamborginis. So mine is not the dream job after all," quips Prithviraj.

At the same time, the actor has made good use of his choice of field by buying the best cars he can afford. "Yes, I own a couple of luxury cars and keep myself updated on the latest in the field," says Prithivraj, who adds that he is passionate about cinema now. ""I never knew I loved cinema so much until I entered the field.""


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