Friday, February 17, 2012

Prithviraj to produce a Mammootty-starrer!

This time around, Mollywood star Prithviraj, who turned producer last year with Urumi and Indian Rupee, has decided to bet on superstar Mammootty.

"I am producing a film called Arival Chuttika Nakshatram that stars Mammootty in the lead role. I will be part of the film too, but as the villain. It is a period film, depicting the years when the Communist movement first began in our country," Prithviraj informs. While this isn't the first time Mammootty and Prithviraj will be sharing screen space, this is definitely a first wherein a star has decided to play the bad guy in a film that offers a plum role for his senior - superstar Mammootty.

This venture does come as a surprise to the industry, as well as the Malayalam film audience. Rumour has it that Prithviraj has had more than his share of controversies during his initial years in Mollywood. Industry bigwigs recall that trouble began when Prithviraj went on to keep his commitment to the makers of films like Vellinakshatram and Sathyam, even when there was an ongoing fight among members of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, Malayalam Cine Technicians Association and Film Employers Federation of Kerala. "The actor's indifference to what was happening around him may have led to displeasure among members of the association. There were talks that even the leading stars in Mollywood had turned almost hostile towards Prithviraj for being outspoken about his views, which were obviously different from others in this case," says an industry bigwig on condition of anonymity.

The recent announcement, years after all the mess, seems to indicate a new beginning - one that signifies a liaison of sorts between some of the biggest stars the industry has seen.


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