Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ranjith Sankar's Blog Post on Prithviraj

I first met prithvi more than a decade back.I was writing screenplay for american dreams and we had gone to stamp visas at chennai.Indrajith(who was doing his engineering then) was with us.After the apointment with the counsellete he took me to a s/w company his uncle was owning.He checked his mails there and showed me a mail form his younger brother who was doing his studies in australia then.I still remember how proud indran was about his brother that he was faring well in studies there.

I met prithvi in person first at a flat in Trivandrum.He came with his uncle after watchign thenkasippattanam.We were having a discussion on American Dreams again.We had a very long talk that night.One thing I felt was that he was so much into indian movies for a student in Australia.I remember he even told me the cast and crew of the Govinda movie that was being shot then.While returning back from that flat the person who was with me told me this boy is gonna make it big in malayalam movies.Since I was not a person who thinks that far nor good at predicting dint feel anything special about it.

We have met umpteen times since.I have seen his growth and his declines through the years.One thing always set him apart from others.His focus on cinema!

This can again raise questions in your minds as hes currently going through the grind on his attitude,statements etc etc..But when I say focus on cinema,I mean complete focus.That guy virtually lives,eats and sleeps cinema.Few things can distract him from it.Dont know if thats good or bad since you miss out on many other stuff in life.But I found a connect with him since I met him mostly on cinema.

We became quite close while shooting Arjunan Saakshi.Still 99% we talked only cinema!Strangely I realised one thing.Here is a man who cant live without cinema!People who has seen him through media may have a totally different perception of this guy,but he was so simple and basic as one can get.

When we met last I felt both of us have changed!Going through real successes and failures in life makes one more mature maybe.Still we talked only cinema for hours..Whats life without dreams afterall?:)

Donno why I am writing about him now.Juz read some new totally unwanted story on him and somehow felt like it.

That guy is a fighter guys.Its not easy at all to stand out there alone and face a hostile world.Easier option would be to hide in a crowd or come out with another face.

But he cant.Coz thats what he is!

SOURCE: http://ranjithsankar.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/prithviraj/

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