Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prithviraj Challenges Director

Lashing out at 'Doctor Love' director K Biju's accusations, Prithviraj has demanded him to produce any proof to show that he had agreed to do the film.

Biju had accused the star of backing out of the promised project that consequently led to other producers abandoning him.

In an exclusive interview, Prithviraj narrates his side of the story. He says that Biju had given him a 3-minute narration of the concept of 'Doctor Love' while working as an associate director in the film 'Kangaroo' in 2007.

"I told him that the idea had potential and once the script is ready and acceptable we would take a call," says Prithviraj, adding that initially the producer of 'Kangaroo' was also interested.

Biju then returned to narrate the full-fledged script on the sets of 'Lollypop.' "The script was OK till only about the end of first half and I told him this," the actor recalls, noting that Biju had agreed to redraft and discuss it with him later.

It was during this time that the producer of 'Kangaroo' backed out due to unknown reasons. However, producer Alwyn Anthony (Daddy Cool) had then approached Prithviraj for another project and had also expressed interest to produce Biju's 'Doctor Love.'

"I told Alwyn that I liked Biju's subject. But I have still not OKed it. We will be able to do the film only after Biju completes the redraft," the star says.

Around this time, Biju had asked Prithvi to introduce him to scriptwriters Sachi and Sethu (Robinhood, Seniors) to guide him with the script, Prithviraj claims. Sachi had later called up saying that they would not be able to help as it was not their type of script, he says.

Alwyn then went on to produce 'Daddy Cool' and Biju never came got back with the corrected script, he says.

"The next thing I hear is that Biju is making the film with Kunchacko Boban," Prithviraj remarks, adding that he had no problem with that. However, the actor says that the director was wrong in accusing him of cheating.

"Let him produce the documentation stating that I have agreed to do the film," the actor challenges.

Retorting Biju's statement Prithviraj says, "I hope no other actor has this experience with a director."

The actor also states that he has a great deal of confidence in Biju and he had personally recommended him to many producers including Joy Thomas Shaktikulangara who produced 'Doctor Love.'

Earlier this year Prithviraj and Meera Jasmine were accused by a Kozhikode-based producer K Mohandas of signing for a film after accepting an advance of Rs 5 lakh and not turning up to act in it.

Prithiviraj clarifies that the producer had pitched five years ago an "ingenious" idea of getting banks to finance movies in Mollywood.

"I liked the idea as it would free the producers from borrowing money from Chennai-based financiers at large interest rates," says the actor, who himself has a production house called August Cinema (Urumi, Indian Rupee).

The producer had said that for the banks to come forward they needed a signed consent from the lead actor and actress confirming that they will be part of the movie, says Prithviraj.
After the letter was submitted, there was no word on the movie and the next thing the actor heard from the producer was that he filed a court order stating that the actors had violated the contract by not appearing for the shooting of the movie. Prithviraj also goes on to clarify that he had returned the advance.

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