Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thejabhai is The First

Young star Prithviraj's 'Thejabahi and family' will be the first of the Onam releases. Featuring 'Kaaryasthan' fame Akhila and Suraj in key roles, the movie is a hilarious ride through the life of a gangster turned lover. Shot at Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia and Thiruvananthapuram, the movie is written and directed by Deepu karunakaaran, who had earlier made some interesting movies like 'Crazy Gopalan and Winter'.

The movie produced and distributed by Anantha Vision is expected to be on theatres by the 26th of this month. With some interesting promotions and posters, the movie has already become the most awaited film of the season. And as it comes two weeks earlier than the Onam weekend, the movie is expected to rake in pretty good collections in the opening weeks.


1 comment:

  1. this movie will flop because rajappan is acting. me and my family and friends will never watch rajjappan movie again because he is a pathetic and arrogant moron.

    Does rajappan have the guts to say Rajanikath is old and should not act as a young man.. avane tamilnaatukar shoolam kutthum. naanavum, maanavum, abhimaanavum undenkil avan rajanikanthine patti parayatte.

    mohanlaline patti ini paranjal avante vaayil njangal harpic ozhicu kakkoose brush ittu kuthum.