Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buy Police Police (2010) DVD

A Powerful Cop Story. The two officers, Sriram & Prithviraj, look smart in their police costumes and have maintained a good body language too. Sriram is well in the movie and prithiviraj gives us the chills with his evil look and expressions. Prithviraj is terrific. Their attitudes in the movie are cool and it has suited them well too, especially for prithiviraj.

Over all this movie is a treat to the good police officers and will definitely increase the respect people have towards them. Director Manmohan concentrated more on style. For a first timer one should agree that it is a good show. His shot making showed lot of promise and the manner he handled the film is good.

The story revolves around two police officers with different ideologies. While one officer is sincere and duty minded, the other misuses his position and uses criminals for his own good. Police Police is a straight Telugu movie, after a couple of months of its release, it was dubbed to Tamil since the lead actors are well known in Tamil too.

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