Friday, June 24, 2011

Spicy YouTube Video on Prithviraj and Wife may I

KOCHI:Yet another online creation may soon attract legal trouble. Very soon the cyber police in the state could very well zero in on a widelycirculated link on the net 'Prithvirajappan,' a video posted in the YouTube.

The 10.23minute video, which is a take on a recent interview of actor Prithviraj and his wife on a TV channel, has been modified as a new product adding bits and pieces from various films. The whole video is presented as an attempt to counter the opinions and arguments put forth by the actor during the original interview. The product has been made spicy with background score and snippets of advice. Since the same video strip has been uploaded by different persons, it is difficult to find out who is the original author. The video is becoming widely popular as the link uploaded by 'bachuvivek' has so far got 67,823 views in the past four days. Another one uploaded by 'rushkuttan' on June 20 has got 398 views so far.State police Hitech Cell Assistant Commissioner N Vinaya Kumaran Nair said so far they have not received any complaint in this regard. "If there is a complaint, it would be reviewed whether action should be taken under the IT Act," he said. Francis Pereira, SI, Cyber Cell with the Kochi police, too said so far no complaints have been filed in this regard.


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