Wednesday, April 6, 2011

URUMI to sound good and sensible in other languages too: Deepak Dev

Santosh Sivan's historical epic Urumi (the weapon), which released in its Malayalam version last Thursday, will be also available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English over the next two months.

Music composer Deepak Dev says that 'Urumi is a multilingual film in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English and Santosh Sir was keen that we have music that incorporates the soul of the soil but would have a pan-Indian appeal, and sounds good and sensible in other languages too.

So we played the music with the lyrics in Tamil and Hindi too to check out the effect and to ensure that it would not be too regionalised. What we have now is a kind of music that is earthy and organic.'

We heard that, Song writing is in progress for Tamil, Telugu & Hindi versions. The English version will have a completely different look and narrative, The screenplay and dialogues are being done by Santosh himself.

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