Thursday, April 7, 2011

Urumi gets bigger

One of the most awaited Malayalam movies of the year - Urumi - finally released on the big screen on March 31 st .

Though the film released just a day prior to the World Cup, it succeeded in attracting enough eyeballs to make it a success. And now, after the Malayalam version has been getting great feedback, the makers have decided to release the film in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.

According to an industry insider, "Initially, there were plans to release the movie in all the five languages simultaneously. Later it was decided to just go ahead with the original Malayalam version as the producers didn't want to take a risk."

We hear that since the movie is a period drama, the makers were uncertain about how it will be received by the audience. However, after Urumi hitting it off well in its very first week, they are now sure that it will do well if dubbed in other languages also. The source added, "The film has popular names like Vidya Balan, Tabu, Genelia and Prabhu Deva attached to it which is a strong selling proposition for Tamil, Telugu as well as Hindi market."

Also, the producers are aware of the growing interest in South Indian films amongst the global audience and therefore they are looking at the English version to attract eyeballs the world over.


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