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Urumi (2011) Movie Review - a minuscule tour de force of a journey for revenge. (The Cine Segye)

Movie: Urumi
Language: Malayalam
Release: 2011
Director: Santosh Sivan

Santosh Sivan’s Urumi is a minuscule tour de force of a journey for revenge. The movie is about the attempted assassination of Vasco Da Gama.


Modern world, Krishna Das, a Kerala youth gets an offer which he felt hard to reject, the offer was regarding his ancestors land, and he moves to Kerala to sign the documents. In Kerala he starts knowing the story behind his ancestors. The story moves to many years, flashback.

Years back, a courageous fighter (Arya) gets killed by invaders, because of his plans to kill the Viceroy of Portuguese Empire (Vasco da Gama). His son Chirakkal Kelu Naynar (Prithviraj) for revenge. He makes an Urumi with the ornaments of innocents who was burnt alive when going to Mecca. The massacre was done according to the order from Vasco da Gama. Kelu Naynar with his close friend Vavvali (Prabhu Deva) and a princess Ayesha (Genelia) together plans to kill Vasco Da Gama.


Deepak Dev, enhance the beauty of the film with beautiful songs. But more than the songs his background music is where he scores high. The theme music is unforgettable.
Technical: Editing by Sreekar Prasad, as we know him he is again there to help to bring a splendid movie.


What can we say when director himself is a cameraman who even the Maniratnam had enjoyed working with. Many of the frames are just beautiful that words are not enough to explain the beauty. There are scenes which will stick on to our eyes, awesome color combination. The beauty of white, green and water is used to the maximum. Through the eyes of Santosh Sivan every body and everything on the screen looked stunning. Spectacular visuals. One of the best in Malayalam movies till date.


by Shankar Ramakrishnan: Is clear-cut, direct. The well written script unfolds the story and it keeps viewers fascinating and stimulating.


is the highlight of the film. Prithviraj as Chirakkal Kelu Naynar is striking. He has done splendidly well and his charm just increases the beauty of the movie. His performance is the best of him till date.

Prabhu Deva is another hero of the movie and brings all his experience. He is absolutely brilliant in comedy, action and romantic scenes. His character is more than a supporting actor, he is there as another main lead. This is a character which will remain in our heart.

Aarya is roaring in such a small role and his is a gift for the viewers when he comes on screen.

Even with all these splendid performances, the show is actually of Genelia’s. Her performance is her best till date, her eyes and the search for the pray is awesome. This is not the Genelia we saw in Bommarilu or Sachien but a a very matured actress with a very controlled thrilling performance. She is stunning in the action sequences as well.

Nithya Menon is like a beautiful picture and has all power to attract attentions. Jagathy in a very impressive role after a long time and he is just wonderful.


Urumi is a movie with marvelous quantity of craftsmanship. His movies always had good respect with respect to their visuals and this time the whole movie is excellent, the story, visuals and performance. He selected a story which is like a ‘Muththassi katha’, a saying in Malayalam (literally meaning – like the stories which is told by grandmothers to kids). Not to forget - his use of actors for different characters is just awesome. The way he portrayed the different characters in different era is great. It shows the inter relation of our own life with something in the past.

Urumi is 'House of Flying Daggers' / 'Hero' of India, the use of costumes, flowers and leaves in the song sequence reminds of classics frames of 'House of Flying Daggers'. The visuals are grand, with wide format photography of countryside.

Pluses: Few things which might work with the viewers.
* Visuals.
* Background music.
* Prithviraj, Genelia, Arya, Prabhu Deva performance.
* Vidyabalan.
* Technical brilliance.
* Simple story.

Minus: Of course there have few scenes which could have avoided, few characters which could have deleted.
Few Minuses
* Length of the movie. Some time it is fast and some times it is slow.
* Immediate editing of one song at-least, will do good.
* NOT FOR EVERYBODY. Viewers who felt boring with 'House of Flying Daggers' / 'Hero' is not going to enjoy 'Urumi' also.

Overall: The movie works well because of its beautiful visuals, excellent performances by the overall cast and a fantastic background score. At the end we will feel as if this is the way a period film has to be made in India.

Malayalam cinema Industry, Malayalam cinema fans and the team behind the movie will proud. This is a movie which needs respect and the tremendous control over the movie making by the team is something which invites applause.

A beautiful, charming, well made movie with tremendous performances
Rating: 8.5


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