Monday, April 25, 2011

Prithvi on an anti piracy war

As the initiatives from the senior stars has not yet bred good results, the young superstar of Malayalam has decided to stage a war against film piracy, via net and other media. The pirated screening of his latest 'Urumi, for which he is also a producer, has ignited the fighting spirits of the Prithviraj and he has already registered a complaint with the Cyber Cell. It was Mallika Sukumaran on the banner of his 'August cinema 'who has filed the complaint on behalf of her son Prithviraj, who plans to sue the owner of the website for a whopping 5 crores.

Meanwhile, the state police has already cleared the videos of the movie from eight sites based on California in U S, of which three had a common ownership. It is learned that a Malayalee residing in U S is behind the piracy programmes and police has started measures to locate him. Meanwhile it is also learned that a pirated copy of the movie is already in circuit loaded in a Australia based website.


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