Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fight Against URUMI Piracy

August Cinemas are to commence legal proceedings against individuals behind the pirated release of their Malayalam production “Urumi”

A high scale international crackdown has already begun resulting immediately with an individual being identified in the USA of uploading the film onto a website. This person will be named shortly followed with prosecution by the Government of America.

Urumi is said to be Santosh Sivan’s best work to date and has been produced at a cost of Rs.20 Crores. Shaji Nadesan of August Cinema has confirmed that a loss of Rs.5 Crores is expected due to piracy in India alone. The film is yet to commence screenings in the United Arab Emirates which is the biggest market for Malayalam cinema outside of India. The film has just completed week 2 in the UK & USA with many more centres awaiting to be screened.

PJ Entertainments have already informed many video libraries based in the UK not to stock pirate versions of the film. Any stores identified in selling these illegal copies will be named and risk facing prosecution.

Metropolitan Police’s Anti Piracy wing alongside Trading Standards UK are now aware of the situation and will be visiting stores this week to check for pirated versions of Urumi around the London area.

August Cinemas along with every distributor associated with Urumi request all Malayalees to watch this film in cinemas near you and to refrain from pirated versions. This will be the first Worldwide Crackdown against piracy of a Malayalam film and has been taken up to save our Film industry.

Please report any stores or individuals you believe to be involved with piracy directly to Crimstoppers in confidence free on 0800 555 111. Please also email any illegal website links of the film to


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