Saturday, April 30, 2011

City Of God Music Review - A Mixture of Music Styles in 'City of God'

Young director Lijo Jose Pallassery has repeated his music director of the debut film Prasanth Pillai, again for his new multistarrer 'City of God'. Though the album has some mediocre music which reminds of many famous tracks of south, a couple of songs and orchestrations are worth mentioning and asks for repeat hearing. One of the qualities of the album is that many tracks grows on you with repeated hearing. Most of the songs in the album are penned by Anil Panachooran while a few are by Preethi Pillai.

'Nee akaleyaano' The album opens with this magical song which at first gives the air of an album song and then moves away from conventional filmi tracks in its later half. The voice of V Sreekumar (‘Anoragavilochanan’ fame )gels well with fascinating orchestration lead by mouth organ and accordion pieces. The song also uses pieces of Sayanora's and Preethi pillai's vocal support for its English parts and building its amazing chorus.

'kaalangal' This is the pick of the songs in the album rendered by Prethipillai and Charan raj. Preethi, a chinmayi-swarnalatha hear alike has share of voice in many of the songs in this album, and thus proves the versatility of her relatively fresh and mesmerising voice. The song, quite soothing as a lullaby, is likely to be a long term favorite of lovers of soft songs.The track is repeated as an instrumental version too.The music director goes for a lot of experimentation, working over time for orchestration of this song too.

'Praayam 17' The song uses the rustic voices of Sonu Kakkar and K S krishnan. The prelude to Prayam is interesting with its qawaali and jazz elements but very soon takes the form of a nostalgic fusion piece, with its base guitar support. The lyrics is too different from the usual with that 'Vannithe naanitha raaja, naan thaada naaan thaada raaja' beats reminding and remaining in the brain for long. The song mixes a lot of styles making it a ‘avial’ mix.

'Annan Sonna' While dealing with Tamil lives, there must be an obligatory dappankuthu song, and here it is in the form of ‘Annan Sonna’.Velmurugan, Madurai, Chinna Ponnu and the music director Prashant himself join the kuthu track. The attempt has many inventive elements like the cycle bell sound to police siren and other ethnic elements like ‘Aaha aah, yeh yeh’ symphony..The song also have as ‘Live in Chicago Jazz Club‘version, with piano arrangement by Yakzon..

Betabi is the Hindi song sung by Murthaza Mustaa and qadir Musthafa for ‘city of God’. The song is reused from Prashant’s earlier soundtrack, Rahu. Bethaabi’seems to be a half baked attempt, heavily influenced by A RRahman’s music, and, many works by Sukhwinder Singh.

Jeevitham, is the solo rendered by Preethi Pillai. The lyrics are pretty usual and preachy and seem to be a background song in the movie.The instrumentation is again different and noteworthy, though the song has low shell life.

All in all, 'City of God' is an interesting album for serious listeners of music, while the lovers of mass numbers will have to get satisfied with a couple of numbers. Anyhow, the music director seems to be in the right track, this time spending more time in fine tuning the orchestration and mixing various styles. Definitely a worthy addition to the new bunch of musicians like Bijipal and Deepak Dev, Prashanth Pillai is expected to be heard more in future.


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