Monday, March 14, 2011

Success for me is a relative thing: Prithviraj

For an actor who is at the peak of stardom, to move out of his comfort zone is not an easy task. However, for Prithviraj, that is just another day on the job.

Post Anwar, his superhit Malayalam film whose dubbed Tamil version released last Friday, the suave star, will be seen next in Urumi, a period trilingual, directed by Santosh Sivan.

"The idea of Urumi, originated from a discussion with director Santosh Sivan," begins Prithviraj, who is working with the director again after Ananthabhadram. "As the idea materialised, we realized that this sort of a film needed a big budget and therefore, we teamed up with producer Shaji Natesan and formed a production house. It was then that we decided to do it as a trilingual," he adds.

The actor plays the role of Chirakal Kelu Nayanar, the leader of a princely state in Kerala in the 16th century, who leads a revolution to kill Vasco da Gama. Urumi, which is a weapon of destruction used in warfare, has a direct connection with the film and Prithvi, for his part, has undergone intense training to wield the weapon. "Learning to use the urumi requires a lot of hard work and concentration. It involves years of methodical training as it is sharp on both sides, and can even kill a person, if not used carefully," he explains.

The shooting of Urumi was no bed of roses either. "To reach the location, we first travelled by car and then a tractor. Finally, there was a long walk involved before we reached the location in Malshej Ghats, Maharashtra. It was physically as well as mentally taxing, but we are all happy with the effort as the film has come out better than expected," Prithvi laughs.

Meanwhile, the actor is also all set to make his Bollywood debut. Talking about the project, he explains, "The film is an untitled venture by acclaimed Marathi director Sachin Kundalkar, and this will be his first Hindi film. Rani Mukerji will play the heroine." Talking of heroines, we can't help but ask Prithvi about his equation with the three Bollywood heroines in Urumi — Tabu, Vidya Balan and Genelia, but the actor chooses to remain tight-lipped. "They are all very talented and professional actresses and it was a real pleasure to work with them," he finally concedes.

Ask Prithviraj about the secret of his success and the actor shrugs it off nonchalantly. "It can mean a hit movie, stardom, recognition or even awards. But, success for me is always a relative thing," he says signing off.


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