Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arjunan Saakshi - Change Your Profile Picture and Add a Caption Contest

Arjunan Saakshi - Change your Profile Picture & add a caption Contest

Organized by

Eligibility : Any Facebook And Twitter user can take part in this contest

Contest Period : 20th - 30th January 2011

Winners : 5 Winners will be selected and announced by the Official AS Support team after 30th January and Will be provided with Free Movie tickets in TVM or
EKM on Weekdays. The best selected caption will be added along with the Arjunan Sakshi Posters all over kerala

Criteria : Change your Profile Picture to support the movie Arjunan Sakshi

Instructions :------
1. Select the Profile pictures of your choice from Arjunan Sakshi Posters and movie Stills from the following links

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

2. If you do not want to change your favourite profile piks or your DP
Here we Introduce the upcomming Promotion trend first time in Malayalam "TWIBBON"
Add the Arjunan Sakshi Support Twibbon to your profile picture.

Adding a Twibbon to your Profile Picture is very simple
Step 1 - Click on the Arjunan Sakshi - Twibbon Support link -
Step 2 - Connect a twibbon profile either with your Facebook or Twitter
Step 3 - click on to " Show my Support now!"
Step 4 - Twitter users click on Allow and get it done automatically.
Step 5 - Facebook Users select - Add to Facebook where you can adjust the size of the twibbon,Drag and drop to the spot you want it on your profile picture.
Step 6 - Then, Click on " Show my Support Now !" And thus your are done.
NB:if u r choosing movie stills from the above shared links u must add Arjunan Saakshi 'TWIBBON' Title in it

3. Now after changing your profile picture either by the first or by the second instruction, post your Caption here as comment

4. The best selected caption will be added along with the Arjunan Sakshi Posters all over kerala

5. We Wish All the best to the participants and thank everyone who changes the profile picture to support Arjunan Saakshi

NB: Twitter users can Comment your caption here,pls dont forget to add your Twitter id with your caption

Facebook users pls comment in our facebook page (

- Admins - Official Online Prithviraj Fans Network-

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