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Prithvi has been absolutely adorable : Ash

Opinions are allowed but fact remains — she is the only recognisable brand globally besides Shah Rukh and Amitabh Bachchan despite them having a sizable head start over her.

And even better, she probably commands as much attention as the globe’s most respected statesmen.

But all this hasn’t come easy. Demolishing the myths, creating the right impressions and reaching out to a non-elitist fan base is probably hard for someone with a prim and proper Tulu background and an international crown. Despite all the odds she is one of the country’s highest paid stars and is revered by the junta and canape-cliques alike.

Her personal and professional journey has been an incredible one for sure, but I was curious to know about the ‘Raavan’ journey. “Referring to it as the journey is the apt word. From the time we heard the idea from Mani Sir to the point of us sitting here discussing the making of the movie, it has been overwhelming,” she smiles looking visibly moved by the experience.

We hear that Ragini (her character in the movie) is a woman of today?
“Yes as you rightly put it, she is a woman of today. And Mani Sir just excels in her portrayal. I actually shouldn’t be attributing words like ‘excel’. It’s like choti muh badi baat ….Mani is a master,” she smiles, adding, “I think what is great is that he creates these characters that have all the elements of performance. They are fiery, they are earthy, they are vulnerable, there is angst, there is love, there is passion, there is intelligence, there is the capacity to question, to explore and simply have a wholesome acting experience within the story board.”

Did she have fun playing Ragini?
“Ragini is an individual and markedly different from Sujata of ‘Guru’ or Kalpana or Pushapa from ‘Eruvar’. But what’s wonderful about her is that she is just such a firebrand. She is a fighter and yet a normal complete woman. I had absolute fun being her and exploring and discovering her.”

Mani Ratnam is a master you say? So, was he a hard taskmaster?
“He is an incredible human being. He has a lot to contribute to Indian cinema. There is so much we can learn from him. It’s just wonderful how he brings everybody on the same level of passion and madness when it comes to making the moment what it is. And when I say everybody, I mean everyone from the actors to the technicians,” she smiles.

Sparing another moment for recollection, she fondly avers, “His passion and commitment is totally inspiring. And above all he makes every moment and scene real.” It seemed like an exhausting role to essay? “I can’t verbalise the physical struggle. I don’t want to seem like this lonesome chick on the set who experienced this. The entire team put in the hard yards and did the difficult physically exhausting scenes. Once you enroll for Mani’s movie, you know that he is going to work you till that perfect shot. And this has truly translated onto screen.”

Elaborating on Mani Ratnam’s school of thought, she says, “We start at the crack of dawn and we had to go uphill or downhill depending on the locations, which was a bit of a trek and calling it a bit of a trek is polite. (Laughs) And invariably nature used to be very very generous and we had rains at the most unexpected times and that somehow seemed to excite Santosh Sivan (the cinematographer).

“I also shot for it in Hindi and Tamil simultaneously, so you can imagine the physical and mental input. But we all committed all our faculties to the making of this wonderful film, so I have no regrets.”

And did you enjoy hanging off trees and wading through gushing waters?

“It was totally Mani’s call. Sometimes it would be a close camera angle and I would wonder why we need the extra dramatics and why I was being tied to a tree. But this is how Mani is. He keeps it supremely real and Santosh Sivan is also a perfectionist, so they want the perfect shot with the right emotions and nuances of the character shining through.”

Little about your co-stars Abhishek, Vikram, Prithvi?
“Working with Vikram and Prithvi was the first for me. Vikram we fondly refer to as Kenny sir and I think I got familiar with that name because Abhishek always called him that since the time he had come to visit Abhishek on the sets of Guru.” She continues, “Prithvi has been absolutely adorable. At the start of the schedule we teased him because he seemed a bit reserved when we were in the front of the camera and well I think the unit took the opportunity to find someone to tease and Prithvi it was. But after the first schedule he came into his own and was right on the ball.

“Working with Abhishek on and in ‘Raavan’ is an experience I am never going to forget in this lifetime. And I think he feels the same. Personally I am very thankful to Mani that we had an opportunity to work on a film like this because its clichéd to cast us conventionally but Mani chose to do otherwise. As a wife I’m proud that we had the opportunity to work on film like this. One thing that Abhishek and I consciously did but left unsaid was we never acted like a couple in front of Vikram. Or it would have been hard for him to essay his role opposite me.”

So never missed the ‘couple’ moments at all?

“Of course I did. Sometimes I’d be drenched, cold and exhausted and Abhishek would be sitting with Vikram somewhere, warming up and rapping. I would feel the need for some attention,” she giggles.

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