Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ever since raavanan music has been relesed web has become a hot bed of discussion

which version is better? In this debate the most disturbing thing is people are using it to discuss which language is superior, who is better vairamuthu or gulzar? and in turn abusing them to prove superiority of hindi over tamil and vice versa, which is a pity you dont compare artists u respect them, both vairamuthu and gulzar ssab have used pure words from respectfuk languages which is not clearly understood by the lay man yet they are very catchy . both are thespians who have mastered art of poetry and language in their respectful languages. so lets cut the crap and not insult mani ,arr, vairamuthu and gulzar saab. we are very lucky to have them in a generation of copycats and lyrical haracary and stupidity and for once just let us celebrate them their unparalled brilliance. AND by the way ARR is the BEST.

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