Monday, May 10, 2010

Vikram: 'Ash is poetry in motion'

South icon Vikram is pleased as punch. As the promos of Mani Ratnam's much awaited 'Raavan' unveiled, most seem to have reacted positively to his song number 'khilli re…'. And the saucy feedback to his looking "hot on screen" has gladdened the celeb heart of the star.

"That was encouraging," states Vikram in a tabloid chat, "because this is a completely new audience for me."

Besides, the "sizzling chemistry" that he shares on celluloid with Ash, hasn't gone unnoticed by his spouse Shaila ("but she realises that it's all play acting and takes the love songs in her stride")

"Mani sir takes romance to a whole new level," asserts Vikram. "He makes it seem so natural and I always wanted to be a part of it. When the song was presented to me, I was delighted!"

Morever, Vikram is totally sold over Ash's "perfection" in dancing. "I used to watch her dance during the solo shots," admits the National award winning actor. "Aishwarya is poetry in motion."

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