Monday, May 10, 2010

Satham Podaathey : Where was it shot ?

Released in: 2007
Actors: Prithvi Raj, Padma Priya, Nithin Sathya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Direction: Vasanth

Filming locations:
Bekal Fort – Kerala

Bekal Fort – Kerala

This is one of those locations that only someone like Mani Rathnam with his zest for showing unexplored regions/ areas/ monuments in India on the silver screen, can zero in on. The ‘Uyire Uyire’/ ‘Tu Hi Re’ song in the movie Bombay was the first movie sequence that was shot in this location, as far as we could tell. Who can ever forget the gushing waves that were slamming the fort as Manisha ran down into the outstretched arms of Aravind Swamy, A.R.Rahman’s mesmerizing score, the lush green areas surrounding the fort, all of which made the song & the location one of the most memorable song picturizations by the master film-maker.

As with other locations that Mani Rathnam has introduced to the movie going public of India, this location became quite popular after he introduced it and it has been featured more than once in films that were released after Bombay.

Though the fort is located in the state of Kerala, the nearest airport is Mangalore in Karnataka.

Movies shot at this location:
Uyire Uyire from Bombay
Hey..Indha kadhal from Satham Podaathey


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