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Raavanan - Music Review :

From the maker of stupendous masterpieces, here is a big treat awaited for his buffs. A Manirathnam Film – this brand alone remains as a central factor to sell the tickets. In all equivalencies, A.R. Rahman’s musical touch in Hindi version of ‘Raavan’ has already become chartbusters. Much alike his previous films with Manirathnam, the same tunes have been spelled for all the three versions.

Vairamuthu has penned lyrics that seem to be far away different from his previous ones.

We bring you an exclusive look on ‘Raavanan’ music review that has an inspiring tunes capturing out our senses…


Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Keerthi Sagathia Additional African vocals: Mustafa Kutoan.

The album begins on an impressive showpiece as the ‘Veera’ reveals of prodigious effort from Rahman. The powerfully pounding beats on percussions and wonderful rendition by Vijay Prakash and Keerthi Sagathia holds special mention. The sound engineering has been marvelously done as the special effects of Child’s cry and certain fill-ins make it sound perfect on surround systems. The African vocals by Mustafa Kutoan are yet another highlighting factor. Vairamuthu’s lyrical lines centers on thin line of difference between ‘Rama’ and ‘Raavana’.

2.Usure Pogudhey

Vocal: Karthik

This romantic solo is about a man’s yearning for a girl in spite of knowing its consequences. The song has been pictured on Vikram and Aishwarya as the lyrics focalizes around the relationship between hunter and hunted. Karthik’s intonation is awesome and rhythmic accompaniment on percussions and metal guitars are highly electrifying. The song has some traces of A.R. Rahman’s best composition ‘En Uyire’ in Manirathnam’s ‘Uyire’.

3.Kodu Poatta

Vocal: Benny Dayal

This is one of the best picks in this album as it establishes the astonishing realms of ‘Rahman’ factor. ‘Kodu Poatta’ carries intensely captivating instrumentals of beats and non-brass instruments. Rahman could’ve better opted Sukwindhar Singh (crooned this song in Hindi) as Benny Dayal deliberately trivializes the impact of this song. The lyrics get overshadowed by the instrumentals.

4.Kaattu Sirukki

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan, Anuradha Sriram

Revealing the sense of erotic feel, the song is expected to be centered on Prithviraj and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Anuradha Sriram, who just rendered a chorus part in Hindi version, has taken up the entire song in Tamil. Shankar Mahadevan is pretty invigorated on the tracks and roping Rashid Ali (singer in Hindi) would have blatantly made it more stunning. The style of rendition by the duo is appreciable and this one is expected to be the gorgeous dance of Aishwarya Rai under the rains.


Vocals: Shreya Goshal

Shreya Ghosal always obtains special compositions from Rahman. Be the ever-cherishing romantic duet ‘Munbe Vaa’ or the dulcetly pleasing ‘Manipaaya’ in ‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya’, she has excelled with an emotionally gripping touch. ‘Kalvare’ is nowhere different from such arena as she scores the brownie points. The instrumentals are mild enough that it lets her voice to take on the stands.

6.Keda Kari

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Bhagyaraj, Rayhanah, Tanvi Shah

Sounds like a marriage song and guess what? Manirathnam has shot this song with 500 dancers. The song speaks about Rahman’s charismatic appeal on stunning rhythms and the playback singers have shifted their paradigms. We have an additional bonanza to this song as Grammy winner Tanvi Shah (‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame) rendering her voice. This song will be a sure winner at charts with the brilliant cinematography of Santhosh Sivan.

After a very long time, we tend to hear the magnificent tunes of A.R. Rahman and we need to thank him for saving such best tunes for Manirathnam. The album of ‘Raavana’ will doubtlessly remain on top until the next album from Rahman reaches you. Some of the songs are seemingly heard to be well-tailored for Hindi (Rahman has used three tunes that was meant for Manirathnam’s ‘Lajjo’ starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor). Of course, every tune has a special mention for his uniqueness from other song.

Verdict: The Madras Mozart proves it again.

Music Review: Raavanan

Banner: Madras Talkies, Big Pictures

Production: Manirathnam

Direction: Manirathnam

Star-casts: Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Prithviraj, Karthik, Priyamani, ‘Silandhi’ Munna, Ranjitha and others

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