Friday, May 7, 2010

Pokkiri Raja Review : Cinebuzz

After all the problems with Theatre Exhibitors and Producers association, finally Mammootty-Pritviraj multi-starrer 'PokkiriRaja' made way to theatres and as expected, it turned out to be a festival entertainer that will go down well with the fans and vacation season audience.

PokkiriRaja is all about story of two brothers-Raja(Mammootty) and Soorya(PritviRaj) where Raja is the icon for Soorya in all aspects. The movie starts off with their childhood days and Raja is forced to stay away from the place due to his notorious activities. He reaches Madhra and becomes Mahura Raja. Soorya grows up following the same path where Raja left and moves to Kochi to stay with his sister(Bindhu Paniker) and brother-in-law(Suraj). Trouble starts when Soorya falls in love with daughter (Shriya Saran) of City Police commissioner(Siddique), who has other plans to make his daughter get married to Riyaz Khan, son of Home Minister. The fireworks starts once Raja gets the quotation to see off his own brother.

PokkiriRaja is nothing different from other mass masala entertainers but what works here is the smart packaging from debut director Vyshak. PritviRaj's introduction scene starts with a fight, follows by a fast paced song, meeting with heroine leading to usual love track reminds you of a Vijay movie. In between there is Suraj and Salim Kumar to tickle your bones. The movie sets the tone of an engaging entertainer as soon as Mammootty appears on screen. From here, it is a Mammootty show all the way.

With his unique get-up and dialogue delivery style, it is a pleasure to watch Mammotty as Madhura Raja on screen. He evokes laughter with his broken English dialogues even though it is loud at times, shakes his legs for songs, delivers punch dialogues, does fights and plays to the gallery. PritviRaj looked energetic and does his job well though there is not much of a scope to perform post-interval. Shriya Saran has nothing much to do other than to look good and dance for a song. Siddique, Riyaz Khan, plays the typical villan while Nedumudi Venu, Suraj, Salim Kumar, Bindu Paniker does the supporting roles effectively.

Script from Udayakrishna-Sibi K Thomas is predictable and reminds you of Rajamanikam Annan thambi and many old movies. One can say the script is an old wine, but the fast paced direction makes it into a new bottle. Director Vyshak makes a mark in his debut as has been able to make the movie gripping right from the start. Cinematography is nothing great to mention, Jassie Gift's peppy songs matches the festival mood and Rajamani's BGM is apt.

Verdict: Paisa Vasool

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