Friday, May 21, 2010

Kutrappirivu is not based on ‘Rashomon’

The recent times has a vivid sort of publicity blooming up in Kollywood. Just compare the films with a western flick so as to gain more public glare. Previously, we could hear that Prithviraj-Srikanth starrer ‘Kutrappirivu’ is based on a French Film ’36 quai des Orfevres’.

Now, there are reports that the film is based on yet another fantastic Japanese film ‘Rashomon’. This Japanese film made in 1940s is based on a murder narrated from different points of view out of which none of the characters speak the truth and the climax is left to the audience for deciding the truth about.

Director Manmohan says that Kutrappirivu is not based on this film and maybe few sequences will have certain shades of it.

The film is hitting screens this Friday along with 5 other films on the race.

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