Monday, April 19, 2010

Revealed: Abhishek's Raavan look

Abhishek Bachcchan is grabbing a lot of attention with his new Raavan look in the first teaser of the film that has released recently.

Abhishek who plays the title role in Mani Ratnam's modern version of Ramayana feels it was the most difficult film of his career.

Abhishek plays a negative character in the film and his look says it all. This is the first time that the actor is sporting a crew cut on screen. His kohl eyes give him a complete shrewd look. The film has been shot in the jungles of Kerala. Absolutely rustic, this picture shows Abhishek with haldi on his face.

It is believed that Abhishek enjoyed playing his character so much so that he has decided to sport the look till the movie releases. So don't be surprised if you spot the sweet Abhishek Bachchan in a dangerous 'Raavan'ous avtaar!

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