Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ranjitha is still a part of Raavana

The actress plays the role of Raavana’s sister in law in the Tamil version

It is now confirmed that Tamil film star Ranjitha, who was allegedly filmed in a compromising position with Swami Nityananda, is playing a role in the Tamil version of the bilingual Raavana.

After the controversy hit national headlines, Ranjitha went underground and a shocked Mani Ratnam was for a moment faced with the dilemma of reshooting her portions with another actress or going ahead with Ranjitha. Eventually, he opted for the latter.

Ranjitha plays the role of Raavana's sister-in-law in the Tamil version. South superstar Vikram plays the title role in the Tamil version, while he has done Ram's role in the Hindi version.

Ranjitha has come under the spotlight after it emerged that rather than being a victim of the sting operation, she was allegedly the one who released the sex tapes with Swami Nityananda in public.

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