Friday, April 9, 2010

Police Police Review

What is it like making a cinema? What is the feeling after releasing it? Probably, these questions are better answered by this film’s makers than anyone at this instant. Made on a huge scale, with no crazy star cast, Police Police has been ‘arrested’ in the boxes for more than a year. Finally, Nattikumar has bailed this film out of the boxes and Police Police is finally playing on screens from today.

Sriram, has few films in Telugu in the past and our audience can identify him. The other hero in this film Prithviraj is least known in AP. However, he is quite a busy actor in Tamil and also a big star in Malayalam. There is Kamalini and Sanjana to shoulder the glamour department. Frankly speaking, none of the above stars has that crowd pulling appeal and the result is evident in the form of opening show collections. Police Police opened to a very low or almost nil crowds on Friday.

But it managed to catch some curious eyes and made them buy the ticket. So, does this film satisfy the audiences who spent some money and spared some time? The answer is mostly ‘No’. This film isn’t a racy action entertainer. Perhaps, it is far distant from the word entertainment. Telugu audiences are no aliens for cop films. They have watched many cop films in the past. So, when a director decides to make a cop film he should see that this film is ‘different’ from all the earlier police films. Sadly, the script of Police Police screams for betterment. The screenplay asks for clarity. The pace of the film yearns for acceleration.

It is no different from any cop film we’ve watched n times by now. It is just a fight between a good cop and a bad cop. The director lost the track right from the beginning, mainly due to the inconsistent screenplay. Scenes end abruptly and take off in the same manner. One will get confused of what’s going on the screen. The screenplay is so bad that you hardly notice the first plot point (The scene where the villain’s identity is revealed). But because of the confusion in the screenplay, this scene doesn’t make any impact.

The flashback of the protagonist doesn’t click and seems like completely out of place. For few minutes you feel like watching a television serial. Again, the interval block is forced. Who the hell came out of the blue and attacked the hero? No answers, no logics, no nothing… it is just an interval bang!

Second half starts off better with a kidnap episode. But again the screenplay loses track as there is no driving factor in the story. Pre climax scenes looked promising and again there is so much lag towards the end.

Director Manmohan concentrated more on style than substance. For a first timer one should agree that it is a good show. His shot making showed lot of promise and the manner he handled the film is good. But it is the script, which is also written by him has let the film down. The graph never picks up and it continuously rises and falls beneath the ‘average’ bar. If Manmohan can get the script right next time, he will be one of the directors to watch out for. Production values are good. Music by Vishwa is not lilting in songs. However, the background score lifted the film in many scenes. Camera work is okay and so is the editing.

Sriram is good as a sincere cop but it is Prithviraj who steals the show. He is wonderful as the bad cop. He can express any emotion through his powerful eyes. Great work man! Kamalini’s role is very limited. She did an okay job. Sanjana’s role looked like it got edited at the last moment. There is nothing to say about her. The guy who did the role of Imran is average. All others including Brahmaji, Ahuti Prasad, Shiva Krishna, Prasad Babu did their best to the director’s needs.

What works?
- Prithviraj’s performance

- Stylishly shot action sequences

Weak links!

- Story and Screenplay
- Mood of the film is mostly serious

Final Say:
Spineless script makes these Policemen weak!

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