Monday, April 12, 2010

Police Police Review : Malayalam Super Star Prithviraj's first telugu movie

Cop stories are successful at Box Office made some of actors memorable roles for their lifetime and till now some of them are remembered like Dr. Rajashekar "Ankusham(1989)" , Sai Kumar "Police Story(1995)", Suriya "Kakha Khaka(2003)", Vikram "Swami(2003)" and Vijayshanti "Karthayam(1990)" are considered to finest performances of cinema.

The story revolves around two police officers with different ideologies Sriram as S.P. Ranadhir who is very honest cop and on the other hand Prithviraj as D.S.P. Ravikanth who is Corrupted and make use of his postion in very unlawful way and film shows how good will win over the bad.

Storywise nothing new to offer but director tries to create an impact with stylish look and fresh cast coming to performance Sriram has got a different role and also performed well. Heriones Kamalini Mukherjee or Sanjana had limited roles and supporting cast has done good job.

Coming to director Manmohan tries to create an impact but story and screenplay department are weak songs except one background song all other songs look out of place.

The real surprise packet of the movie is Prithviraj though he is unknown actor for telugu audiance despite of 50 films to his credit as an actor and super star of malayalam movies and well establish star in Tamil cinema has done a negetive role in his first telugu movie, his physic and height suits him more as a police office role.

Prithviraj has done 5 Police officer roles in malayalam Satyam, Police, Vargam , Oruvan, and khakhi if you look at his performance , dressing , body language in Police Police is totally diiferent form perivous police officer roles.His eyes expression and voice are great.

Coming to his voice though he dont know a single word of telugu but dubbed his own voice for the film POlice Police and through out the film you dont feel that he dont the language.

Rating : 2.5/5

Venkat from Hyderabad

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