Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aishwarya Rai turns student in Raavana- Beauty with brain

Bollywood’s most enigmatic and beautiful actress Aishwarya Rai turned the clock back to her school days and showed up her learning skills to perfection when she became a student on the sets of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavana’. The film is to be released in Hindi as well as Tamil version and hence, Ash underwent a 6 month tutoring lesson to brush up her Tamil diction.

Now, Aishwarya’s mother tongue isn’t Tamil but it’s Tulu so it was an uphill task for her, but she stunned Mani Ratnam when she ensured that it was she and not someone else who dubbed for the Tamil version.

A source from Mumbai Mirror says, “Just when Raavana was beginning, Aishwarya assured Mani sir that by the time the film was completed, she would be ready to dub her own lines for the Tamil version. Mani sir took the matter lightly and had arranged for a Tamil voice which matched the actress’ voice perfectly.

But Aishwarya had made up her mind. She kept laughing off Mani sir’s uncertainties about her ability to get the Tamil diction right, and continued working on her language skills.”

The official spokesperson for Raavana confirms, “Aishwarya has completed dubbing the Hindi version of Raavana. Now she has now begun dubbing for the Tamil version. No one can tell from her voice that she isn’t a Tamilian.”

So, if you had ever doubted her integrity and dedication to the showbiz world, all your doubts have gone for a toss. After all, Ash is one of those rare species who is beauty with brain.

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