Saturday, March 6, 2010

Prithvi's ‘Teja Bhai'

Young director Deepu Karunakaran, has titled his new movie with Prithviraj as ‘Teja Bhai’. The director of the horror thriller 'Winter' and humourous hit 'Crazy Gopalan' will try another comedy thriller with Prithvi. Also scripted by the director, the movie according to Deepu will be a different experience for the viewers.

Deepu is also lucky enough to bring in one of the luckiest banner of Mollywood for the movie Anantha Vision of P K Muralidharan and Shantha Murali, who produce many successful films including 'Chocolate', 'Classmates' and 'Robinhood'.

The exact date of the commencement of shoot is not yet finalised as Prithvi has at least a dozen of movies waiting for him including 'Cousins', Manickya Kallu, Anwar, Ulakam Chuttum Vaaliban, Arjunan Saakshy and Mumbai Dhosth.

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