Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prithviraj's turn as a true Indian

Writer-director Dr Biju, whose earlier films Saira (2005) and Raman (2008) were appreciated in prestigious film festivals like Cannes and Cairo, is getting ready with his latest Malayalam film titled Veettilekkulla Vazhi (The Way Home).

Prithviraj plays the protagonist in the film.

According to Dr Biju, "This film draws its roots from intensive research on the subject of young people from Kerala who are actively being recruited by terrorist organisations operating in India."

He goes on to say that as a pan-Indian film, "Veettilekkulla Vazhi captures India's diverse topography and natural wonder through exhilarating photography.

"The most beautiful locations in India like Ladakh, Kashmir, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikkamkur, Ajmer, Pushkar, New Delhi and Kerala will be seen here. This will be the first Indian film which covers a lot of states so in a sense it can be called a true Indian film," he adds.

The plot of Veettilekkulla Vazhi revolves around a doctor with a haunting past -- he has seen his wife and five-year-old son die in an explosion at a market in Delhi.

Now working at a prison hospital, the doctor is assigned a difficult case -- that of caring for a woman who is a surviving member of a suicide squad of the 'Indian Jihadi', a notorious terrorist group.

Despite the doctor's best efforts, the woman dies. But not before requesting him to find her five-year-old son and to unite him with his father, who turns out to be Abdul Zuban Tariq, head of the terrorist group.

And so begins a journey that would take the good doctor from one part of the country to the next.

According to the director, "Veettilekkulla Vazhi is an adventure-drama highlighting human relationships. It emphasises the path of love, survival, innocence and humanity; exploring a bloodstained facet of contemporary terrorism in India."

Dr Biju adds, "As the characters undertake this engaging, emotional and audacious journey, the film will portray the essence and simple beauty of relationships and diverse Indian cultures. It will also reveal the effects of terrorism and change that modern times have brought with it."

The cast also includes Indrajith, Dhanya Mary Varghese and Lakhsmipriya while the crew consists of camera man M J Radhakrishnan and musician Ramesh Narayan.

Veettilekkulla Vazhi is being produced by B C Joshi under the banner of Soorya Cinema.


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