Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Govinda's a funny Hanuman

Govinda is making a comeback of sorts with his much-talked-about role in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan.

Last seen in the dud that was Do Knot Disturb, Govinda is out to silence his critics with his forthcoming release - Raavan. The film that also stars Abhishek and Aishwarya is Mani Ratnam’s ambitious next. Govinda is rumoured to be playing a modern-day Hanuman in the film, and there was news that Mani was upset with Govinda’s unprofessional ways of arriving late on the sets and bad attitude, due to which his role was cut short to a cameo. However, Govinda flatly denied the news and said, “I had only four scenes in the film, but they increased it to eight, actually even more maybe. They did it because they liked my work. I don’t know what problems people have. On second thoughts, even if I had a very small role in the film, my role has increased thanks to the kind of publicity these people have given me.”

When asked about his role, Govinda says, “Basically, I didn’t feel I was playing Hanuman because in the Ramayana, he has a major role in getting the entire family together. And my character is not the same. Yes, he is pretty relevant and all, but that’s that. This is different. This is more of Raavan’s story.” Govinda then reveals that his character is more of a comic relief in the film, “They wanted some comic relief in their script since it’s a heavy movie, and that is the reason I am in it. I am not playing a comedian in the movie, but it is a lighter character than the rest, and will definitely add some relief. While I am there, there is no tension.”

Govinda is, however, aiming for higher stars. The actor wants to win awards. “I have now decided I want to do sensible films. I want to win national awards and want to do something different. I am at the perfect age, and this my time to experiment with roles. I have made a place for myself in the insustry, and now I want to be able to break the previous mould and make a new one . I am very charged about it.”


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