Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Punyam Aham

Story, Script and Direction: Raj Nair
Production company: Mirabilia Films, Hong Kong/India

Cast : Prithviraj, Samvrutha Sunil, Nedumudi Venu

Synopsis :
In the foothills of the Northern Ghats, on a not that fine morning, following a dream, the protagonist, Narayanan set forward on a trip to the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, to find an end to the mysterious agony of his beloved mother and, a new life for himself.

A fallen leaf from a banyan tree afloat in the stream guides him through. He learns more of his father, the stream widens to a little river, a river, and narrows and widens until it reaches its destiny! Narayanan promised to make no mistakes and to return to his mother, a low caste woman from the south of Kerala. His father, the escapist, a congressman while Gandhiji visited Kerala, then a communist, then a bureaucrat and, a Brahmin by caste.

For Narayanan, re-discovering every step of his father was like a quicksand of lust, lies and rage and much more. Does Narayanan make it without kissing a sin, stamping on landmines of the realities of present day Keralam? In search of the truth, his father, and so the man, he himself...?

A Malayalam feature film based on an infamous myth.

Official Website : Punyam Aham · A film by Raj Nair

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