Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Interview with Prithvi !

Prithvi seems very tired after the song recording in Ryan studio for the movie Thantonni, the interview held at his flat in Kadavanthara
Till 4.30 am he ws busy with shooting.
Santosh sivan once said “I can see an expert director in Prithviraj, than an actor”

What about Maniratnam?

A great technician, writer, moreover a wonderful actor trainer, I spend almost one year with him as an actor it was very important to me.

About friendship with Abishek Bachchan

He is a good friend of mine, I came to know a lot about Big B, he is a vegetarian, during childhood days due to poverty he was forced to become a veg, still he keeps it
Abishek believes those scarifies leads them here…

There are some Similarities !!!

Yes both my dad and Amitab were ordinary people,,and became famous actors, more than that the talents...Amitab knows hindi, English, urdu, Sanskrit..etc my dad was an English,Maths Lecturer, also he has got a good knowledge in Politics...

About busy life???

In Tamil for the last two years I did only the remake of classmates, now doing thantonni, I have to complete Veettilekkulla Vazhi,R3, then pokkiri raja (the movie with mammootty)

You are very selective!!

Yes I am , initial times he was looking for a project with a good director, but now he gives importance to script and etc.

After Mammooty and Mohanlal his films getting highest rate for Satellite Right..

Have u heared the news about your first heroin’s marriage.????

yes she told me that For the next two to three years I am very busy so not looking for marriage now…If I do that it will be very rude, because I wont get time to spend with her

Deepak Dev helped me to become a singer….now I am singing for Thantonny also

I like “naadan foods” In morning I eat dosa, chammandi, appam , mutton stew,,,,etc..i do visit jim daily

What about other language films entry?

In Telugu…acted in police police, not yet released,,,,, some approaches from Hindi also...

Thanks to Brijesh Peter for the translated

read the interview in Malayalam here

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