Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pokkiri Raja story goes like this.........

Nedumudi Venu is a school master.. He has 2 sons.. Raja & Surya

Due to some issues, elder son Raja (Mamootty) leaves home at a very young age .. he grows up to become a notorius goonda in Madurai..

Younger son Surya (Prithvi) is his fathers only hope. Surya grows up in a strict upbringing.

But destiny had a different plan..

Surya gets into a fight with a local gang and beats a big Goonda.. then that Goonda team call Raja to kill Surya.. Raja takes up the mission without knowing that he's his brother...

They come face to face.

At the same time Nedumudi is too worried about Surya. He decides to ask elder son's help..
So Nedumudi goes in search of Raja..

remaining story, watch on screen..


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