Monday, June 8, 2009

Why is Mani Ratnam working overtime?

It is a well known fact that Mani Ratnam is a strict disciplinarian. The director doesn’t mind pulling up even big stars if they don’t follow the schedule. We hear that the director makes it a point to always finish the schedule on time, even if the actors have to stretch themselves a little bit. Something like this happened recently with Govinda’s and Nikhil Dwivedi’s shoot recently. The two are playing key roles in Ratnam’s Ravan that also stars Abhishek,Aishwarya Bachchan,Vikram and Prithviraj.

A unit member informed us, “Mani was shooting crucial scenes with Govinda and Nikhil at Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. The shoot got slightly delayed and Mani shot with Govinda and Nikhil for 34 hours on the trot, thus completing his schedule on time.” The shoot, supposedly, began at 4 pm on a Wednesday evening and ended at 6 am on a Friday morning. “Of course, Mani did allow the unit a short break of three hours, but it was hardly a break. Govinda, Nikhil and all the unit members had to start shooting soon,” said our source. Both Govinda and Nikhil were amazed at Mani’s high energy levels. “Mani, who had just been hospitalised, left his actors completely impressed. Also, Govinda kept Nikhil and other unit members in splits with his humourous one-liners, thereby keeping stress at bay.”


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