Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Priyamani not thinking of falling in love

Contrary to the rumours linking south beauty Priyamani with three heroes, the actress says she isn’t thinking of falling in love for some years at least.

Priyamani has been bonding big time with co-star Tarun while shooting ‘Nava Vasantham’, sparking the rumours that something indeed is brewing between the two. However, Priyamani insists it’s nothing more than camaraderie between two co-stars.

The girl goes on to say that she hasn’t even met Tarun personally after wrapping the shooting of ‘Nava Vasantham’.

Meanwhile, Priyamani has also been linked with Tamil-Malayalam actor Prithviraj , who, the actress says, is “a family friend”, but claims there’s nothing more to the relationship.

Perhaps the nastiest of the rumour has been that Priyamani has been gifted a car by a male actor.

“Rubbish!” says she, adding, “I bought my Innova with my hard earned money. No one gifted it to me.”

On the closing note, she reveals she is single but not ready to mingle because she has a career to focus on.

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