Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prithvi Raj as Ravan Raj

In Maniratnam’s Asokavanam (Modern version of ramayana) Prithvi Raj is playing the role of Ravana, with Aiswarya Rai as Seetha. Both in Malayalam and Tamil Prithvi proved his talent through some amazing roles. In Tamil his characters in Mozhi, Kannam mochi eneyda and Sathumpodaathay were commercially and critically considered as the best from a new comer. Some tamil critics even considered him a s new generation Kamala Hassan. Handsome, sensible actor packed with talent.

Otherwise he wont choose the role of ravanan in this film. Some people considers that Prithvi is taking an unnecessary risk by stepping into the shoes of a Villan even when Manirathnam is willing to offer him the lead role in his next madras talkies production.

But the actor who believed in portraying characters rather than stardom proves the same by accepting some remarkable characters in malayalam,like the recent ones in Thalapavu and Thirakatha. In both these films he acted considering the character rather than his star value. His presence in the films like Achanurangatha veedu, Akale, Manchadikkuru (guest appearance) and Pakal is also a good example for his commitment towards good cinema.

Keeping in mind the roles with a negative touch he played in Stop violence ,Vasthavam and few sences in Anandhabhathram it is sure that the character of Ravan will be safe in the hands of Prithvi and it will be a landmark role both in Prithvis career and in the history of cinema.

His upcoming malayalam projects are Robinhood and Calender.



  1. The news is fabricated.. Prithviraj is not playing Ravan, he's playing Ram.. The villain in the story is Ram, and not Ravan.. its a modern adaptation of Ramayan. Ravan is played by Vikram in Tamil and Abhishek in Hindi.

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